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A fantastic video from four amazing girls, talking about how ADHD has affected their educational experience. Thank you to ADHD Richmond for making and sharing this.
An Introdcution to ADHD

Some brilliant young women agreed to talk about their experiences of how it feels to be a girl with ADHD. We hope this will give other girls, parents and teachers a better understanding of ADHD and to be more aware of the telltale signs of ADHD in girls.

Posted by ADHD Richmond & Kingston UK. Supporting parents/carers & young people on Monday, October 7, 2019

From the ADHD Foundation

ADHD Strengths

Types of ADHD

Co-morbidity of ADHD

Causes and effects of ADHD

Tips on coping with Anxiety provided by Dr Zoritch from ADDmire and written by Katie Hurley LCSW

Colin Foley, the national trainer for the ADHD Foundation, offers some guidelines for school staff.

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Advice and support for parents/carers on how to manage oppositional behaviour from ADDmire Clinic.

This is a SNAP file from Dr Zoritch from ADDmire clinic, you can print off this form and complete without waiting for it to be sent from the school.

A guide to ADHD Psychosocial Interventions from The ADHD Foundation


ADHD Simulator